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Italy! The last and only legal possibility in the alpine mountains to ride a motorcycle offroad. The region of Piemont in the Western Alps offers the perfect combination of endless gravel roads and breathtaking landscapes over 2000 m. Due to the proximity to the French border, there are still numerous offroad military roads, which provide an unforgettable adventure through their spectacular fortresses from the war, which is organized exclusively by us and supervised on site by a professional guide for 3 days.


3 days of offroad adventure and riding pleasure in which a professional guide shows the group where to go. Arrival is already the day before, so that the bikes are ideally prepared and in the morning the first mountain pass can be tackled.


The daily tours start from the hotel in Bardonecchia, which is the base camp for the week. Lunch at selected restaurants or mountain huts is also planned to take a break and recharge your batteries for the afternoon.


In the evening we eat together at the hotel, the next day planned and we have bike talks besides excellent food.


This includes a professional organization of the entire 3 days in advance, so that all riders in the exclusive group of maximum 6 riders are optimally prepared for the tour. These include a timetable of the entire tour, route details, GPS data and all the details to prepare your own motorcycles & equipment.


A professional guide leads the group and provides the appropriate level of safety and experience throughout the 3 day stages, which are specially designed for adventure bikes and include all the highlights of the region. He is already present the day before when the group arrives at the hotel.


The hotel offers a reduced package price for half board (breakfast & dinner) and a closed garage for the motorcycles. The organization and arrangement with the hotel is also taken over by us. The payment of the hotel is made separately to the offer of the tour.


The base price for the organization and the guide starts at 450 € for the entire 3 days of pure adventure. Depending on the number of riders per booking, the prices for the individual riders are reduced:


1 rider per booking = 450 €

2-3 riders per booking = 425 € per person

4-5 riders per booking = 400 € per person

6 riders per booking = 350 € per person

The hotel's special rates include one night's half board (breakfast & dinner) and the booking of the rooms will be also organized by us:

1 x single room (half board): 80 € per night

1 x double room (half board): 70 € per night / per person

1 x triple room (half board): 65 € per night / per person


July: - 5 € per night / per person

Sept & Oct: - 10 € per night / per person


Safety and experience are paramount in such an offroad tour, which is why an experienced guide is irreplaceable, as any damage to the bikes or at worst accidents involving personal injury must be dealt with quickly! Therefore, a German & English speaking, knowledgeable guide will guide the group every 3 days and will be present at the hotel the day before when the group arrives.

The experienced guide manages the group, adapts to the speed and interests of the riders, and can resort to plan B when the weather conditions or unpredictable problems in the high alpine mountains come up. The contact to the local mountain rescue, towing company or local knowledge plays an important role here.


On most offroad tracks in Europe there is already an exclusionary driving ban for motorized vehicles of all kinds. Motorcyclists are tolerated only in a few regions of the Alps. This is due to environmental protection and privatization of individual regions that are used for agricultural purposes.

Only a few countries allow this. Italy is one of the few exceptions in the Alpine region. The border area between Italy and France offers endless military roads, which were used during the war to reach various military fortresses.

But also here you have to know where it is allowed to go by motorcycle. Many gravel roads are marked with signs declaring in Italian or French whether a local permit must be obtained, or they are even forbidden to ride. This requires good organization, local knowledge and contact with the local authorities.


The region of Piemont offers an ideal starting point for motorcycle tours in the alpine mountains over 2000 meters. With its infinite Alpine passes, which are not only paved but also can be conquered offroad, they can bring man and machine to its limits on legal mountain routes.

Nature conservation demands compliance with the rules of the Alpine protected area, where only a few people are to be found. During the week there are rarely hikers or cyclists, and if so they are looking forward to meeting a group of motorcyclists who have the courage and skills to experience an adventure among friends and pursue their hobby together in such a high alpine region.

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The mountains in the Western Alps offer with their variety of mountain passes, border ridge roads and high alpine gravel roads over 2000 meters a true paradise for adventure bike riders who want to ride their motorcycle in the terrain for which it was built. Gigantic views of the surrounding mountains and the valleys below. Endless offroad tracks through deeper forests, over legendary gravel passages in higher regions, to impressive fortresses on the mountain peaks, which are conquered with your own motorcycle. Incredible landscapes that make the shared adventure unforgettable.



The 3-day tour costs 450 €. Depending on the number of riders per booking, the prices for the individual rider are reduced. The hotel prices were negotiated especially for the participants and start at 55 € per night including breakfast and dinner.


He ensures with his experience and local knowledge for safety of the participants and the riders can concentrate 100% on the experience of the tour. In case of an accident help is organized quickly. In the event of damage to the bike, a recovery service will help.


Bardonecchia. A mountain village at the western end of the Susa Valley in the Piemont region which lies in the western Alps of Italy. The surrounding mountains are the highlight in the adventure biker world and a MUST DO for every motorcyclist.


The tours are for all adventure bike riders, who have always dreamed of an exclusive offroad adventure and want to experience this through a professional organization in advance and optimal support by a guide.


Legal exhaust system

Vehicle documents

License number plate

Offroad tires


We recommend all participants to be sufficiently self-assured before the tour. Information about travel insurance or accident insurance is available from insurance companies, automobile clubs and even credit card agencies.

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