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The wild Sardinia is a grandiose and unforgettable opportunity to ride a motorcycle off-road on one of the most beautiful islands in the Mediterranean. It offers the perfect combination of endless curvy gravel roads in the hinterland, off the beaten track and breathtaking landscapes near the white sandy beaches and their crystal clear waters.



Due to the endless gravel roads in the hinterland, which is only very sparsely populated, the island offers a paradise for adventure motorcyclists, who want to explore Sardinia from its wild side and ensure an unforgettable adventure, which we organize exclusively and on site is supervised by a professional guide for 3 days.


3 days of off-road adventure and pure riding fun with a professional guide showing the group where to go. Arrival is the day before so that the bikes are ideally prepared and the first day's stage can be tackled in the morning.

The day tours start daily from the hotel in Olbia, which is the base camp for the week. Lunch at selected restaurants is also planned to take a break and recharge your batteries for the afternoon.

In the evening we eat together, plan the next day and have bike talks while enjoying excellent Mediterranean cuisine.


The sandy off-road tracks in the hinterland and graveled mountain passes on the island of Sardinia make the tours an unforgettable experience for adventure bike riders. From technically demanding trails near the beach to wide gravel passages in the mountains, everything is offered to ride adventure bikes off the road. The routes have been carefully selected by us and are the perfect combination of easy off-road tracks, on which you can enjoy the magnificent landscape of Sardinia, to demanding mountain passages where the focus is 100% on riding.

The selected routes include easy-to-ride, wide gravel roads, which, depending on your own assessment, can sometimes be ridden more quickly. However, there are also narrower trails in the

technical mastery of the motorcycle.

Since the focus is on riding fun, the pace in the group is of course adapted to each individual rider.



The tours are for all adventure bike riders who have always dreamed of an exclusive off-road adventure and want to experience this in advance through professional organization and optimal on-site support. The focus is on riding fun and discovering this beautiful island in a friendly atmosphere. Pure adventure where the journey means the destination.

The riding ability should go beyond the general road rider and you should already have successfully completed your first experiences with adventure bikes on loose ground off-road and have fun with it.

By adventure bikes for our target group we mean, for example, the following current models: BMW GS, Honda Africa Twin, KTM ADVENTURE, Triumph Tiger, Yamaha Tenere.

Sports enduros like a KTM EXC are out of place here!


The off-road tracks and graveled mountain passes in Sardinia make the tours an unforgettable experience for adventure bike riders. From technically demanding trails in the forest to wide, sandy gravel roads, everything is included to move adventure bikes off-road. The routes have been carefully selected by us and are the perfect combination of easy off-road tracks, on which you can enjoy the Mediterranean landscape, to demanding mountain passages where the focus is 100% on riding.

The daily changing routes are all within 150 km of our base camp in Olbia, which local residents have explored on enduros and adventure bikes and carefully selected by professional guides in order to experience the perfect 3-day tour.

In the morning, the hinterland of Sardinia is tackled via access roads and forest paths, which are made up of sand and loose ground. As soon as the sparsely populated hinterland is reached, we continue on endless gravel roads in the mountains of the Italian island.



This includes a professional organization of the entire 3 riding days in advance so that all riders in the exclusive group of a maximum of 7 riders are optimally prepared for the tour. This includes a schedule of the entire tour, route details, GPS data and all the details for preparing your own motorcycles and equipment.

A professional guide leads the group and ensures the appropriate safety and experience during the entire 3 day stages, which were specially developed for adventure bikes and include all the highlights of the island. The guide is already present the day before the group arrives at the hotel.

The hotel offers a special package price with half board (breakfast & dinner) and a closed garage for the motorbikes. We will also take care of the organization and consultation with the hotel.


Payment for the hotel is made separately from the tour offer.

The basic price for the organization and the guide starts at € 450 for the entire 3 days of pure adventure. Depending on the number of riders per booking, the prices for the individual riders are reduced:

1 rider per booking = € 450

2-3 riders per booking = € 425 per person

4-5 riders per booking = € 400 per person

6-7 riders per booking = € 350 per person


Safety and experience come first on such an off-road tour, which is why an experienced guide is irreplaceable, as in the event of any damage to the bikes or, in the worst case, accidents with personal injury, you have to act quickly! That is why a local guide who speaks German and English leads the group every 3 days and is already present at the hotel the day before the group arrives.

The experienced guide leads the group, adapts to the speed and interests of the riders and can fall back on a plan B even if the weather conditions or unforeseeable problems arise. Contact with the local rescue service, towing service or local residents plays an important role here.



You can arrive by ferry, which offers the best connections via Genoa or Livorno in the direction of Olbia. This can be planned either by motorcycle or by car.

The crossing can be booked easily online, e.g. at:

The best connection is a ferry, which leaves the mainland in the evening and docks in Sardinia in the morning. A cabin can also be booked here, as sleeping on the motorcycle or in the car is not allowed! ;-)

The MOBY ferry costs e.g. around 100 € from Livorno to Olbia and back / only motorcycle / without cabin.

Of course, the arrival and departure can also be planned so that an extended stay in Sardinia can be combined with a holiday. For this we also offer GPX tracks to explore the most beautiful roads on the island.


Sardinia - the big sister of Corsica and the second largest island in the Mediterranean. There is a legend about the origin of the island. After God created the earth, He threw the remaining boulders into the sea and stepped on them with his foot. Then he took the most beautiful of all continents created so far and distributed it on the island. The old Greek name for the island was 'Ichnusa', which means "the sole of the shoe". Closer to the African continent than Europe, Sardinia offers incomparable wilderness, idiosyncratic traditions and rough but warm hospitality and endless off-road tracks.



Genoa or Livorno -> Olbia


North of Sardinia


95 km Offroad // 45 km Street



The daily changing routes are for adventure bikes and are both pleasure and challenge for men and machines. Who has fun on offroad is just right. Gravel roads, loose ground and forest tracks.


The daily tours start around 9 am at the hotel and end at about 4 pm. For faster or slower groups this may vary by 1 hour. In bad weather a route change can possibly be made.


No! The routes are designed so that neither a second person nor heavy luggage is allowed to offer the entire group the maximum riding pleasure. A socia slows down the entire group and increases the risk of accidents.


Yes! A replacement hose for front and rear, as well as tools to repair the flat tires are beneficial to continue with the entire group. The tool kit of your own motorcycle should definitely be with you.


Yes! In the case of a participant being disconnected from the group the simplest is a cell phone to find yourself again. Even in an emergency help can be requested quickly. Participants exchange the mobile numbers before the start of the tour.


No! The guide leads the group at all times and always keeps an eye on them. Of course, a GPS device can be used, but the focus should be 100% on riding and not be affected by navigation.

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